Welcome to Broken Knuckle fingerboards.

We build the highest quality fingerboard decks, obstacles and ramps and provide quality parts for your fingerboard setup.

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Save on Custom Completes

* The total discount depends on what type of complete you put together. Prepackaged completes are not included in this discount. You must buy a deck, trucks and bearing wheels for the discount to be applied. Discount also applies any additonal decks, trucks and wheels you buy after the complete.

Example discounts:

Save $3 if you get a 32mm Graphic Deck, BKF Tuned Trucks and CNC Wheels.

Save $1.50 if you get 30mm deck, Nuts trucks and Basic Bearing Wheels.

Discount does not apply for defect decks and non-bearing plastic wheels. Discount cannot be combined with any other code.



Special Pricing

Peoples Republic Clear Bearing

Price: $4.25


Restock on all decks, trucks, wheels and Completes.


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