P-REP  34mm x 98mm Natural Custom Complete - Red

P-REP 34mm x 98mm Natural Custom Complete - Red

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Short and wide is how this one comes. Riding this size is the most experienced, but great for most levels. The deep concave and kicks help the tricks flow from your fingers.Ollie and kick-flip with ease on this deck.

Select the trucks and wheels you want to make this a complete

*everything is included for assembly.


The P-Rep 34mm x 98mm Deep Mold deck is our widest sized deck, but also the shortest. Its the most used fingerboard width by all fingerboarders. Deep concave and higher kicks for the air you want and improved by the shorter deck length.

  • 34mm x 98mm P-Rep "Deep Mold" Deck
  • 2 pieces un-cut Chape Foam Grip Tape
  • YOUR choice of trucks
  • YOUR choice of wheels
  • All necessary hardware
  • stickers - who doesn't like stickers?