P-REP  34mm Mystery Sack 3 Pack Stuff

P-REP 34mm Mystery Sack 3 Pack Stuff

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We've cleaned out our shop and found these fingerboards. Save some major money on a few completes. Use them for outdoor setups or just to have a few extra setups around. There may be some blemishes on these decks, but they may all be perfect. We're just looking to give a good deal on completes.

The sack contains the following:

  • 3 - 34mm decks. May be blemished decks. can be graphic and/or natural.
  • 3 - sets Trucks - may be spaced 32mm trucks or Solid 34mm trucks 
  • 3 - sets cnc lathed wheels
  • 6 uncut and/or precut foam tape
  • stickers.