P-REP  32mm BKF mod5 Trucks - Chrome

P-REP 32mm BKF mod5 Trucks - Chrome

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The BKF Mod Trucks are performance enhanced P-REP Spaced Trucks.

Version 5 brings the new Baked Bushings to the kingpin stack.

Designed to fit snuggly onto the inverted king pin and squish perfectly when tighened so the king pin head is flush with the top of the hanger. These kingpins will not grab on rails or anything you want to grind.

lock nuts are included to keep whatever wheel you wish to spin on these trucks attached nicely.

NOTE: We suggest you use P-Rep CNC lathed wheels with these trucks. Basic Bearing wheels are more likely to slip off the bearing when using these trucks. or maybe you can use some other nicely made urethane wheels in the near future? I dunno. Just sayin.