P-REP 32mm Solid Trucks - Chrome

  • $11.99

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1 axle to rule them all

Single axle 32mm trucks. Solid all the way through. Responsive control and handling are just the beginning with the 32mm Tuned Trucks.

Try them with the stock bushing or replace them with the Baked Bushings that are included.

The nylon rings in the lock nuts help keep your nuts in place.

Great for boards sized 31mm to 34mm wide.

The BEST P-REP truck we offer

  • 32mm P-Rep Solid Trucks with Soft O-Ring Tuning
  • Set of BKF Blue Baked Bushings
  • 6 LOCK NUTS - 2 on the kingpins and 4 for the wheels.
  • 1 standard fingerboard tool
  • necessary screws