Fingerboard sizes. What do they mean?

Fingerboards come in various sizes to suit different preferences and styles of tricks. Here’s a brief overview of the different sizes:

  • 36mm decks: These are the widest decks available and are ideal for users with larger fingers. They offer more control due to their broad surface.
  • 34mm decks: Similar to 36mm decks, these cater to users with larger fingers and those with better ability. The most popular fingerboard size.
  • 32mm decks:  A popular choice, they are one of the easiest to control and are also recommended for beginners.
  • 30mm/29mm decks: Smaller than the standard size, these decks are less popular and can be more challenging for performing tricks like kickflips.

When choosing a fingerboard, consider your hand size, skill level, and the types of tricks you want to perform. It’s also a good idea to try out different sizes to see what feels best for you. Happy shredding! 🛹

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