Contact us

BEFORE contacting us here are the most common reasons someone contacts us with answers:

There are delivery delays up to 30 days and more with packages shipped outside the United States. Please be patient. 

 My fingerboard is broken.

- check our Help!!! my fingerboard is broken!! page.

I've been fingerboarding for 2 months and should be sponsored. Can you send me a deck?

-Thanks for your interest, but we're not sponsoring right now. Have fun while you're fingerboarding. Make sure you check and subscribe to our instagram, facebook page and youtube channel. We run several contests a year there and should be having another soon.

I tried everything on Help!!! my fingerboard is broken!! page or it's really defective.

We check everything before it gets sent out a bunch of times to make sure it's all good. We do sometimes miss something. Send us a picture of the defect to Include your order info too.

Can you sponsor my event?

Probably can send something. Send us all your info including links to all event info.

If all else fail please just send us an email:

Include order info and pictures.