Help my fingerboard is broken!!

How do I assemble my fingerboard?

Assemble My Fingerboard Page


Why are my trucks falling off?

The screws are probably not tight enough.The bottom of the trucks should look like the image below. The screw should be  sticking out a little and the trucks need to be tight to the deck.


If you can fit a piece of paper between the deck and trucks, the screws are not tight enough.

If you have already applied the grip tape, you can feel for the screw with the tool and remove it through the tape. You will create a small hole that will not affect performance and you will not have to replace the tape.

It helps to put the screws into the trucks before attaching them to the deck. Make sure they come out the other side of the hole.

Then take the screws out and attach the trucks to the deck. This gets the baseplate holes threaded and makes it easier to attach the trucks to the deck.



 The wheel doesn't spin

If the wheel does not spin, make sure of the following:

There is nothing in the wheel. Sometimes there is some extra plastic from the manufacturing process. We try to make sure there is none when they are shipped, but we sometimes mis a little bit. It can easily be taken out with a pin.

Make sure the bearing is in completely. The bearing can slip a little and if it is not seated properly, it can make the wheel spin funny. Just pull on the wheel towards the nut to make sure the bearing is on right.


How do I install Baked Bushings?



Why does the hanger or wheels keep falling off?

Screws and nuts can loosen over time. A tiny drop of threadlock or even latex paint can help keep the screw/nut secure. And will allow it to be removed or adjusted more easily than if you use super glue. Remember, just a tiny drop applied with a pin will do.