Why fingerboarding?

Why fingerboarding?

Fingerboarding is a hobby that involves using scale model skateboards to perform tricks on various obstacles and surfaces (shredding). Some people may think that fingerboarding is just a toy or a waste of time. It’s not just a toy, it's a lifestyle. It's a way of expressing yourself, of challenging yourself, of having fun. Fingerboarding is a legitimate hobby that requires skill, creativity and dedication.

Fingerboarding has a vibrant and supportive community of riders who share their tips, tricks, videos, and experiences online and offline. Fingerboarders can connect with each other through social media platforms, forums, blogs, and events. They can also learn from each other and improve their skills by watching tutorials, reviews, and demonstrations.

Broken Knuckle fingerboards offers realistic and durable fingerboards that let you perform all kinds of shredding, from ollies to kickflips to grinds and the elusive heelflip.

Fingerboarding is a hobby that can bring joy, satisfaction, and challenge to anyone who tries it.

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